Friday, November 30, 2007


I love vintage.Been looking for some vintage stores in Malaysia (susahnya nak cari!).So i Googled it, and found a store named Scoop ( yang terletak di Plaza Damas, Kuala Lumpur.Emm..kalau tak silap ada another vintage store nama Madge kot kat Plaza Damas gak.Scoop ni ada jual used AUTHENTIC designer handbags, clothes, shoes and accessories pada harga yang lebih murah dan bersesuaian dengan budget anda! (I don't mind wearing/using 2nd stuffs).Dari yang berharga RM500 ke bawah hingga ke RM3K above.And that's not all, u can also resell your "designer, couture and contemporary womenswear (handbags, clothes, shoes and accessories)" here.So, sapa-sapa yang dah bosan dengan handbags/clothes/shoes dia, boleh jual kat Scoop ni (Pastu ada alasan nak beli bag baru).Hehe.

Here are some bags yang boleh didapati di Scoop:

CHRISTIAN DIOR Limited Edition Small Saddle Bag - RM780

LULU GUINNESS Black Shoulder Bag - RM980

GUCCI Brown Canvas With Bamboo Handle Tote Bag - RM780


PRADA Pink Canvas Shoulder - RM890

FENDI Brown Logo Canvas Shoulder Bag - RM780

LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Canvas Speedy 25 - RM1650

BALENCIAGA Metalic Brown Motorcycle Bag - RM3580

CHRISTIAN DIOR Single Gaucho Bag - RM3680 I bloody want this bag!

Actually ada banyak lagi tau.Rambang mata dibuatnya.Some design memang tak pernah or at least jarang jumpa.So, peluang untuk anda membawa handbag yang unik (plus murah!) adalah sangat tinggi. :-)

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Calling All Bag-aholics!

Everybody loves bags rite? Tote, clutch, sling, hobo, trunk, oh u name it.So, being a bag lover (i love bags than heels!), i created this blog just to share my and your obssession about bags with everyone, share some info (how much, where to get it and what not) etc.Hopefully,u guys will support this blog.I really appreciate it. :-)

How to participate?
1. Just send in a digital photo of your bag(s).U can choose either one bag per photo or all your bag collection in one photo.
2. List the brand (If it's brandless, then it's okay.Some brandless handbags are awesome!), price, where u bought it.
3. If you wish to give a weblink of somesort either to your own personal site, just add it.
4. Name (If u prefer to be anonymous, u can just give a nickname) :p
5. City, country.

Send your info to


P/S: I chose Chanel 2.55 (in white) for my first entry for this blog coz it's my ULTIMATE dream bag! Hehe.