Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mrs Safwan's Collection

These are my bags. (I dunno if get the names right)

- Coach Ergo Medium Tote
- Coach Holiday Patchwork Shoulder Tote (there's a Coach Slim Envelope wallet in it)
- Coach Bleecker Leather Flap (actually I wanted to have this but it was out of stock already)
- LV Tivoli PM (I love you, baby! Although I actually wanted to have Alma)
- Vincci Clutch (bought it for a mere RM60)
- DKNY Sling bag (for sale : RM350 nego)
- Guess Corona Satchel (for sale : RM265 nego)
- Coach Watercolor Hobo

Mrs. Safwan

~bag.aholics~: Nice collection Mrs Safwan.I like your Coach Bleeker's color.Merah dia sangat cantik.And oh, i lovee your Tivoli :-)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Eyda's Collection (Part 1)

Here are the ones that are with me right now in kl :) So consider this as part 1 of Eyda's so-called collection.Apparently there are no Coach, LVs, Guccis, Pradas or any of that sort.Would want to be carrying those bags until i really could afford them myself :P

(clockwise from top right)
- Marks & Spencer gold sling bag - got it at one utama to match my gold melissa + campanas, was a real bargain too
- Supre satin sling bag - got it as a gift from down under from a best friend, love the flexible straps
- Red Herring tan leather sholder bag - got it from debenhams, love it cause i can throw practically everything in it

(clockwise from top right)
- DKNY top handle mini bag - got it online for a steal too, small but could fit almost everything i need when i go out
- Kipling salerno shoulder bag - got as a gift, love the practical size and colourful prints
- Topshop moss green suede hobo bag - my first topshop bag from sunway pyramid
- Marc Jacobs canvas bag - got it online for a real steal, for brief outings

(clockwise from top right)
- MNG white satchel - got it during a sale years back, still love it
- MNG zebra large satchel - got it online for practically half the original price, huga fan of prints

(clockwise from top right)
- Yellow/green satchel - got it during a vacation overseas for a real bargain, love the colour and stripes
- Calvin Klein jeans leather purse - got it as my birthday present from my significant other, love the colour and leather scent,
- Kenneth Cole reaction frame bag - got it from klcc, love the shape and size (mind the heart pin, i added that myself :P)

That's about it i guess. will get a 2nd part soon! hehe


~bag.aholics~: Wah..your bags lagi banyak than mine.Tu baru part 1.Can't wait part 2.Hey, u know which one is my favorite rite? Haha.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Yours Truly 'Collection'

1. Dorothy Perkins mustard bag a.k.a my happy-sunny bag - bought online
2. Topshop brown tote bag a.k.a my tong-sampah-bergerak bag - bought at Topshop Boutique
3. Coach scribble pouch a.k.a my first-Coach bag - bought at a sales blog
4. Esprit purple handbag a.k.a my-sempit-but-i-like-coz-it's-purple bag - bought at Esprit Boutique
5. Liz Claiborne wallet a.k.a my i feel-like-a-grown-up wallet - bought at Liz Claiborne Boutique
6. Topshop limited edition clutch/sling bag a.k.a my perasan-glam-and-chic-bag - bought at Topshop Boutique
7. Radioactive green clutch/wrislet a.k.a my malas-nak-bawa-wallet bag - bought at Radioactive Shop

Haa..Ni lah my bag 'collection'.Ye la tu..'Collection' la sangat.Haha.Tak dak any designer handbag pun.Tapi saya tak kisah.Tak malu pun. :p Insya Allah suatu hari nanti dapat beli designer handbag(s).Aminn..Hehe.Slowly but surely kan? Back to my bags, currently bag-bag ni la yang selalu saya guna.Ada lagi yang lain.Tapi tu semua buat kumpul habuk je.Hehe. :-)

Dulu suka sling bag.Suka sangat.Jadi macam my signature look la kiranya.Masa tu umur 18-19 camtu.Tapi skang suka tote, clutch, hobo etc.Sling bag dah kurang skit.Dulu sanggup beli perfume sebab nak dapat free bag yang cantik.Hehe.

Hopefully one fine day nanti dapat juga beli designer bag(s) idaman hati. :-)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Oversized Clutch

Celebrity and a blogger with oversized clutch

Some of the oversized clutch yang cantik, menarik, tertarik kau memang da bomb.The first one is the exactly one Mrs Beckham pakai in above picture.

Oversized clutch is one of the must-have items for fashionistas.It can be used for days and nights.Some of the oversized clutch boleh juga dipakai sebagai sling bag or or handbag.Coolness kan? Eventhough some people might say it's not practical, but personally i think a nice oversized clutch can make other people turn head especially if u carry it with an attitude.

What do u guys think about oversized clutch?

~bag.aholics~: I always LOVE LOVE clutch even before they became hot now.Especially the oversized one.Nasib tak cukup duit je nak beli oversize clutch yang cun :p Ada jumpa banyak yang murah, tapi tak cantik.Kalau cantik memang dah beli.Saw one in MNG last time dan sekarang menyesal yang teramat sangat-sangat sebab tak beli. Padan muka aku Currently looking for one.I do have a clutch, but not oversized enough la.Tak kisah apa material pun.Leather, patent etc.Ada sesiapa tahu tak kat mana boleh dapat? Tapi janganla suggest yang Jimmy Choo's Carolina or Fold Over "Day" Clutch tu.Mana nak korek duit.Huhu.

(Pictures courtesy of colour-dreams.net, bagbliss.com, stylebakery.com, lunaboston.com, pursepage.com, whowhatweardaily.com, thecoveted.blogspot.com, eluxury.com, net-a-porter.com, senoracartera.com, patriciafield.com, thebagforum.com, splashnewsonline.com, teenvogue.com)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Miss Nadiah Khair's Collection

Just nak share my bags..
These are my 3 babies. Just 3 at the moment and bakal bertambah.. :D

Miss Nadiah Khair.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

How To Spot Fake LV

As Miss Esperanza promised, here are the links on 'How To Spot Fake LV'.





~bag,aholics~: Thanks a lot Miss Esperanza.Yes, sesiapa ada artikel or anything pasal bag yang mahu dikongsi bersama, sila hantar ke bag.aholics@yahoo.com.