Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Miss Iqwa's Latest Additions

hehe.. HI!!!
happy ramadhan to all bag-aholics..

Here's my latest addition.. :)

Dis coach patchwork mini crossbody denim i bought it online at www.del14.blogspot.com. Only for RM420. :)
It is a good bargain right.

While dis one,army camilla medium hobo Kathy Van Zeeland I bought it tru online as well but at different shopping blog; www.scentsnsecrets.blogspot.com for only RM120. I love the colour & It is very lightweight

Next, this blue leather Coach I bought it at Valiram sale last week. 50%. Eh.. actually my dad paid for it.. hehe..
I tell u.. Valiram sale x best langsung.. hehe..apa2 pon dapat cekup 1 beg ni..jadi la..syukur

OK .disebab kan Valiram Sale yg kurang menarik, my parents, my friend and I pon pegi ke LV starhill. Maka, bile disana... ayah bought 1 wallet and a belt for him, 3 wallets for my mum....and..............................1 for me..!! la la la ~(syukur again)After kt situ, my parents pon balik ke ipoh. :D tata mak ayah..

Ok..continue.. This last picture is a part of my wallets collection. All of them i bought it when i was in London. Ferragamo and Burberry coin purse i bought it in bicester village but u know.. the coin purse - its only 10 pound!!!!!huhu..murah kan??( eh.. 10 pound ke ha? lupa la.. tp ..rasanye 10 pound la. +ve!) I bought it during boxing day last year.. hehe..Ferragmo sy beli b4 balik for good. on March 08. LV's coin purse I bought it from ebay for 60 pound. The box sy tinggalkan di Ipoh. :D
and last thing tu..Beside ayah gave me LV's watch for my bday last june,he gve me Ferragamo's bracelet jugak. ;)

OK... OK... itu sahaja la nampaknye buat kali ini.. kite sambung di masa akan dtg..

[ sy mengucapkan selamat hari raya, maaf zahir dan batin. berbelanja la dgn cermat. ]
p/s : sedey x dpt invitation from Ferragamo for their sale last week :(

Good day!



~bag.aholics~: Oh, tak best eh Valiram sale tu.Nasib baik tak pi.Nak check out cosmetics and perfumes sebenarnya.Kat Bicester Village tu semua murah-murah kan? Teringin nak pi sana.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ms Euphoria Latest Rembatanss

I wanted to wait to share my latest rembatans until next year (sebab macam baru lagi post aritu), but I think better I give it now kan. Actually not rembatans, ni kira upgrade...coz I've sold my Pre-Loved Gucci Horsebit Hobo, LV Palermo PM (beratla, sakit bahu), Coach Abbey (berat jugak) and Fendi Chef Denim Bag. And I bought:

This pre-loved Neo Speedy from one of the Mak Arabs untuk ganti my Fendi Chef Denim bag. And sooo in love with it because it's so lightweight (wrist I tak sakit mcm carry my speedy azur) n I really love the pocket compartments. Tak payah nak meraba2 cari handphone, keys n toys (yg my kids punya). Plus the bag is in great condition! I will not buy this if based on the retail price, but if I got it at half of the retail price, it makes me freaking need to have it! =)

Then, I bought this LV Tahitienne GM when I'm going to get the Hamstead MM. X habis2 cerita hampstead ni..hihi...I guess not my rezeki kot, It's available at the LV's boutique, but l mcm dah ter fall sejak tgk yg Iqwa punya..plus I need a bag to bring it along for our coming vacation..thought nak beli yg lavender, but most of my bajus in pink shades, so pink it is! Love it, sebab ringan to become a travelling bag.

Then, I got this 2 wallets. I bought the gucci patent leather in white first, sebab duit tak cukup nak beli the LV Vernis wallet. But then when I show it to my hubby, he said he already bought me the LV vernis wallet in red (sebab I selalu cakap2 and tunjuk kat dia kat boutique) and he was thinking to give it as surprise during our 5th anniversary this coming November. Then jadi tiba2 je ada 2 new wallets...huhuhu...so now I'm selling the gucci wallet, if any bag-aholics interested, inform me, but actually sayang jugak nak let go.

(Drum roll...).. and I got your Ultimate dream bag, Reena! Actually ni kira early birthday pressie for my 29th birthday which is actually 5 months away. Now dah basi dah =P . 

I think after this I have to stop membeli sekejap... nak simpan duit untuk anak2, business and bila balik Malaysia for good nanti nak decorate rumah. If nak beli pun, cukup sekadar 1 biji or 2 biji setahun. InsyaAllah, aminnnn....

EJ Shopkeeper

~bag.aholics~: Pengsan jap tengok your latest rembatans.Oh.My.God.My Ultimate Dream Bag pun ada!!!!! In fact, there's another my dream bag iaitu LV Tahitienne.Fall in love sejak tengok Iqwa punya jugak.Mari kita salahkan Iqwa.Haha (Iqwa, Just kidding ye).Hari tu check kat LV KLCC, harganya RM4k something.And your Chanel accessories classs okay.Love the necklace! (Err..That's necklace kan? :p).And oh, aminnnn.Insya Allah :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mrs. Nana's Collection

Hi! I dok surf the net today and came across your blog. Really like it! Anyhoo, I've decided to share my of bags for other people's enjoyment. My baganatic ways begun when I was in high school ... back in 1986. My parents are not rich people. But dulu memang I berangan nak jadi fashion designer. So, masa zaman tu we were already crazy about school bags. Yeah! There was certain types of bags that were popular and we even use to decorate our bags with scribblers and all that. Soo much fun then.

Anyways, my passion for handbags was amplified when I was in America back in 1994. Masa tu I was just an undergrad with very little money! But nevertheless I still love bags. I started my collection then. My favourite brands were Guess, Liz Clairbourne, Aigner, and Ralph Lauren. In fact, The Ralph bag was the very first bag my husband bought for me. We use it for my hantaran bila balik Malaysia (Unfortunately, I am in UK right now and my beloved bags are in Malaysia .. so takleh nak tunjuk).

When we came back, in Malaysia, most of the bags were really expensive. Mind you, I dah biasa shop kat America so bila balik tu, terasa sangatlah ke-mahal-an bags yang ada. So, I continued buying Guess bags, Ralph Lauren bags, my good friend in UK bought me a DKNY bag back in 2002 (I think cant remember the year), my boss went to America and bought me 2 Aigner bags, and last last sekali before I fly I bought a Braun Buffel Croc bag.

So, bila sampai sini .. hehe I just went mental buying bags again! Absolutely fantabulous! The first bag I bought was the Burberry bag, that was bought by my beloved hubkins. The shoes matching that bag is from Kurt Geiger. I love that shoe!!!

Following that was Tods, Black Versace bag, Furla bag, Furla purse and Red Versace bag. All those bags were bought at Bicester Village. I love that outlet!! ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! If you are ever hunting for bags that is THE place to go. The best times to go there is in the month of April and September. Why? Masa tu most of the outlet bags are more than 50% off. If you are lucky, you can even get bags at 70% off!! Yup yup!

Then I saw the LV Vernis, Amarante Color!! OOoOOOOoO the pictures just don't do the bag justice. I just love the color. So, I pre-order it. It took me 1 1/2 month to get it. BEST GILA!! That bag, I bought it for myself. No hubkins money for this bag. Just something so that I could remember all my hard work for. (slot gambar LV vernis here).

Then, during boxing day, I purchase the Prada bag, Emporio Armani bag, the Ferragamo purse, Juicy Coutour pencilbox and the Silver Guccisimo leather bag. All was bought at different tempat around Selfridges Birmingham, Harvey Nichols, Birmingham, and Bond Street (Gucci bag).

Then, one of my very very good friend gi Italy and got me the Dark Brown Gucci bag. He also bought Gucci bag for his wife and his wife friend. My bag is actually the one on the right.

Masa I bawak dia pergi Bicester Village, I pulak yang sangkut beli bag. Masa tu was in April and Bicester was having a big sale. So, I went crazy buying bags, I got the Dior Jeans Saddle bag (yang handle dia warna merah tu), the Dior Detective bag (small black Dior bag), and the two DKNY big bags.

Then hubkins bought me the LV Watercolor bag for our 10th year Anniversary. I just love that bag.

After that, I ada beli a few bags ... along the way .. the red Dior Ethnic bag and White purse.

then I purchase the Gucci light brown Guccisimo leather bag at Bond Street. I also bought my hubby a nice Ferragamo messanger bag.

During the summer sales, I picked up a few bags too. I got the Miu Miu bag and the D&G bag at Selfridges, London. I got their matching shoes as well. hehe! The Miu Miu is with an Aigner shoe and the D&G with a Nine West shoe. I also got an Anya Hindmarch bag at Bicester Village. I love that bag, its made of Pony Leather .. lawa sangat!!

Then a friend of mine sold her Green Gucci bag... I got it for a very good bargain to be honest.

And that is all for the moment! hahahah! Panjang berjela! Anyways, I have fun sharing all this with everyone. If you like to read more of my mad mental ramblings then you can go to my blog .. www.naidschamber.blogspot.com... Banyak merapu tak ingat dunia punya so BEWARE! haha!

~bag.aholics~: Nice collection u have there.I suka Dior Saddle and OMG, your Miu MIu too! So sweet color pink dia (walhal i'm not a fan of pink).Ada matching-matching shoes lagi.Hehe.And cakap pasal kasut, i loveeeeeeeeeeee your Kurt Geiger boots! Sangat stylo okayyy. :-)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lady Verde's Collection (Part 2)

My 1st acquisition (2005)


MINI VANITY BAG lamb leather in PINK

Bought @ TheMall , Italy

2nd acquisition (2005)


BORSE CLUTCH lamb leather in TAN BROWN

Bought @ TheMall , Italy

3rd acquisition (2006)


Monogram Canvas MANHATTAN PM

Bought @ New Bond Street , London

Courtesy of Mr.Doc

Love it but sangat jarang gune…hmmmmm but that doesn’t say that I’m let it go

4th acquisition (2006)


Suhali Leather L’EPANOUI in BLACK

Bought @ Sloane Street , London

One of my fav bag for function…coz no matter what colour my dress is, it goes well with my stuart weitzman

Hmmmm as for my 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th acquisition, I (actually I bought 3 and one courtesy from Mr.Doc) bought it all at once, at Desert Hills Premium Outlet, Cabazon California during our vacation in Los Angeles

COACH (2007)

Legacy DAPHNE Handbag in BLACK

(courtesy from Mr.Doc)

COACH (2007)

Legacy SOHO Braided Multi Function Tote in WHITE

COACH (2007)

Legacy MADISON Flap Bag in BLACK

COACH (2007)

Legacy Stripe Wrislet in Metallic Gold

9th acquisition (2007)


Damier Canvas HAMPSTEAD MM in Ebony

Bought @ New Bond Street , London

My fav shopping / outing / meeting / working bag! Its spacious n elegant at the same time…

10th acquisition (2007)


Mirage SPEEDY 30 in BLACK

Bought @ New Bond Street , London

When I started loving LV way back in 2006, I told myself back then that I have to own atleast one iconic speedy…but not in monogram canvas n damier collection…the 1st speedy that I’m in love with was the multicolour in white…absolutely gorgeous! But having look at my budget that time, I really have to forget about it…then it was monogram dentelle in gold…but mr.doc didn’t approved it as he said macam kain perca tampal tepek2 ;p so I waited patiently until fall winter 2007 issue on this gorgeous MIRAGE collection…mr.doc was blown away by it aswell…so till to date, that’s my best buddy for casual outing ;)

11th acquisition (2008)


Monogram Canvas NEVERFULL GM

Bought @ New Bond Street , London

Owh I love the ones in damier aswell…shanteks smart…shall i??? shall I not??? Hehehhehe…well we’ll see later laaa

12th acquisition (2008)


Monogram Canvas TIVOLI GM

Bought @ Oslo , Norway

Well dudettes, that’s all I have to offer….

As for my next acquisition?????? ………………………Hmmmmmmm for me to know………and for u to find out!!!! ;)

…..but pssstttt…I kindda like chanel quilted lambskin large shopping tote tho….so spacious n elegant! But its damn 13grand! Owh, have to work harder then…huhuhuhuhu…

Btw, I find that the new collection of LV winter 2008 not that appealing…what do u ghurls think??? ;)

Till then darls, cheers!

do visit LadyVerde at http://ladyverde.blogspot.com for more! ;)

p/s : hmmm…does the ones that I (read : we) bought for my mum counts???? ;p


Looking for AUTHENTIC second hand/used Louis Vuitton Speedy 25.Kalau sapa-sapa ada any info, let me know ye.Thanks!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mrs Ladyverde's Collection (Part 1)

Yeap…as promised…so here goes…

I stepped into the working world end of 2003 at the age of 23…in the early year, I have been indulging my hard earned salary for shoes, clothing, make-ups, and especially handbags…I blame it to my working placement which is under one of malaysia’s best shopping center…but at that point of time, designer handbags wasn’t my league…maybe because am still new in the working world, so not enough money maaaaa that time…hahhaha…so for about a year, I was satisfied with just an average label / branded bags…

Then came September 2005....THE MALL, Florence Italy where its all started!So presenting my 1st designer handbags acquisition........

this piece really caught my eyes from the moment I saw it…it came in blue n purple (which matched with casual jeans), but I chose pink instead coz it is soooooooooo sweet n yes, its gorgeous! plus that season, vanity bag was considered as the IT bag ;)I love it for the design utmost as its very chic n elegant…aswell as for its soft lamb leather…oh ya n becoz the design comes with mirror…hehehe………bet u guys wanna know how much does it cost right???Retail original price – EURO 850 (equals to RM3825 – currency conversion at that time was 4.5)…Outlet price – EURO 298 (equals to RM1341)!!! For me, this piece is a good bargain coz I have been adoring it for quite sometime, n are now under my adoption……and yes……….I saved………………….RM2.5k for it!!! ;) i can say that i am satisfied with this piece n it has been my companion to formal function for quite a number of times already, and counting...