Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ms Euphoria Latest Rembatanss

I wanted to wait to share my latest rembatans until next year (sebab macam baru lagi post aritu), but I think better I give it now kan. Actually not rembatans, ni kira upgrade...coz I've sold my Pre-Loved Gucci Horsebit Hobo, LV Palermo PM (beratla, sakit bahu), Coach Abbey (berat jugak) and Fendi Chef Denim Bag. And I bought:

This pre-loved Neo Speedy from one of the Mak Arabs untuk ganti my Fendi Chef Denim bag. And sooo in love with it because it's so lightweight (wrist I tak sakit mcm carry my speedy azur) n I really love the pocket compartments. Tak payah nak meraba2 cari handphone, keys n toys (yg my kids punya). Plus the bag is in great condition! I will not buy this if based on the retail price, but if I got it at half of the retail price, it makes me freaking need to have it! =)

Then, I bought this LV Tahitienne GM when I'm going to get the Hamstead MM. X habis2 cerita hampstead ni..hihi...I guess not my rezeki kot, It's available at the LV's boutique, but l mcm dah ter fall sejak tgk yg Iqwa I need a bag to bring it along for our coming vacation..thought nak beli yg lavender, but most of my bajus in pink shades, so pink it is! Love it, sebab ringan to become a travelling bag.

Then, I got this 2 wallets. I bought the gucci patent leather in white first, sebab duit tak cukup nak beli the LV Vernis wallet. But then when I show it to my hubby, he said he already bought me the LV vernis wallet in red (sebab I selalu cakap2 and tunjuk kat dia kat boutique) and he was thinking to give it as surprise during our 5th anniversary this coming November. Then jadi tiba2 je ada 2 new now I'm selling the gucci wallet, if any bag-aholics interested, inform me, but actually sayang jugak nak let go.

(Drum roll...).. and I got your Ultimate dream bag, Reena! Actually ni kira early birthday pressie for my 29th birthday which is actually 5 months away. Now dah basi dah =P . 

I think after this I have to stop membeli sekejap... nak simpan duit untuk anak2, business and bila balik Malaysia for good nanti nak decorate rumah. If nak beli pun, cukup sekadar 1 biji or 2 biji setahun. InsyaAllah, aminnnn....

EJ Shopkeeper

~bag.aholics~: Pengsan jap tengok your latest rembatans.Oh.My.God.My Ultimate Dream Bag pun ada!!!!! In fact, there's another my dream bag iaitu LV Tahitienne.Fall in love sejak tengok Iqwa punya jugak.Mari kita salahkan Iqwa.Haha (Iqwa, Just kidding ye).Hari tu check kat LV KLCC, harganya RM4k something.And your Chanel accessories classs okay.Love the necklace! (Err..That's necklace kan? :p).And oh, aminnnn.Insya Allah :)

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