Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Miss Iqwa's Latest Additions

hehe.. HI!!!
happy ramadhan to all bag-aholics..

Here's my latest addition.. :)

Dis coach patchwork mini crossbody denim i bought it online at www.del14.blogspot.com. Only for RM420. :)
It is a good bargain right.

While dis one,army camilla medium hobo Kathy Van Zeeland I bought it tru online as well but at different shopping blog; www.scentsnsecrets.blogspot.com for only RM120. I love the colour & It is very lightweight

Next, this blue leather Coach I bought it at Valiram sale last week. 50%. Eh.. actually my dad paid for it.. hehe..
I tell u.. Valiram sale x best langsung.. hehe..apa2 pon dapat cekup 1 beg ni..jadi la..syukur

OK .disebab kan Valiram Sale yg kurang menarik, my parents, my friend and I pon pegi ke LV starhill. Maka, bile disana... ayah bought 1 wallet and a belt for him, 3 wallets for my mum....and..............................1 for me..!! la la la ~(syukur again)After kt situ, my parents pon balik ke ipoh. :D tata mak ayah..

Ok..continue.. This last picture is a part of my wallets collection. All of them i bought it when i was in London. Ferragamo and Burberry coin purse i bought it in bicester village but u know.. the coin purse - its only 10 pound!!!!!huhu..murah kan??( eh.. 10 pound ke ha? lupa la.. tp ..rasanye 10 pound la. +ve!) I bought it during boxing day last year.. hehe..Ferragmo sy beli b4 balik for good. on March 08. LV's coin purse I bought it from ebay for 60 pound. The box sy tinggalkan di Ipoh. :D
and last thing tu..Beside ayah gave me LV's watch for my bday last june,he gve me Ferragamo's bracelet jugak. ;)

OK... OK... itu sahaja la nampaknye buat kali ini.. kite sambung di masa akan dtg..

[ sy mengucapkan selamat hari raya, maaf zahir dan batin. berbelanja la dgn cermat. ]
p/s : sedey x dpt invitation from Ferragamo for their sale last week :(

Good day!



~bag.aholics~: Oh, tak best eh Valiram sale tu.Nasib baik tak pi.Nak check out cosmetics and perfumes sebenarnya.Kat Bicester Village tu semua murah-murah kan? Teringin nak pi sana.

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