Friday, November 21, 2008

Sales Blog

Dear all bag-aholics!

Want authentic designer handbags (and other items) at a very reasonable price?

You can get them here at!

~bag.aholics~: Bag Chanel & Gucci tu cantik laa!

For Sale! SOLD!

Only tote is for sale

Coach Signature Stripe Tote

RM680 including S&H.

~bag.aholics~: Please email i.s.z.a.n at for more info.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

For Sale! SOLD!

Gucci Leather Tote & Juicy Couture Lady In Waiting Satchel

~bag.aholics~: Anyone interested?

Miss Gurl's Latest Additions

August/ September 2008: Furla Divide It Tote / Emilio Pucci Convertible Clutch

October/ November 2008: Prada Tessuto Wristlet & Shopper
LV Neverfull MM Monogram Canvas
Eva Clutch Damier
Stella Mccartney for Lesportsac Large Hobo & Travel Clutch
Coach Large Convertible Shoulder Bag

~bag.aholics~: Ooohhh..Love love love the Pucci clutch.Sangat chic! And both Pradas memanglah tersangat gedikssss okayy.Hehe.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mrs Yanie's Collection

Hi bag.aholics;
Just a quick update on my acquisitions since 2006 to date. ppsstttt.....i'm updating from office since hubs banned having broadband at home. he said "home is for berehatttt...wat a conservative hubs ya??? but deeply inside m truly in luv with Mr Hubbi.

i ain't no fashionista but my initial love for designer handbag started with COACH back in 2006 and i lost '5' of my babies during my condo's break-ins on last Sept, 2008 fasting month tu!!! *sad but true* and here i proudly present my handbags collection....

1st on 26/5/06 : Coach Hampston Signature envelope wallet @ KLcc
2nd on 26/5/06 : Burberry Medium Haymarket checked bag @ KLcc
3rd on 27/5/06 : Ferragamo G Mania Ciliegia @ KLcc (red suede) - gift from hubby
4th on 4/6/06 : Coach Signature Small Soft Duffle (brown) @ KLcc
5th on 5/6/06 : Coach SIgnature Large Caryall (black) @ KLcc (stolen during break-ins)
6th on 8/6/06 : Coach Signature Large Beauty Case (green) @ KLcc
7th on 8/6/08 : Gucci Classic shoulder handbag (brown signature fabric)@ KLcc
8th on 18/6/06 : Gucci Bouvier Medium Hobo (blue with red/blue/red stripes) @ KLcc - gift from hubby (stolen during break-ins)
9th on 19/11/06 : Cole Han (brown leather) @ MO Outlet
10th on 14/2/07 : Aigner (black leather shoulder) @ MO Outlet
11th on 26/8/07 : Aigner Sarah canvas (green canvas) @ MO Outlet
12th on 18/3/07 : Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 30" in Ebony @ Starhill
13th on 14/04/07 : Coach Ergo leather Tote (blue) and flower keyfob @ KLcc - gift from hubby
14th on 18/11/07 : Coach Ergo Belted Leather Flap (burgundy) @ Pavillion
15th on 3/12/07 : Coach Carly Leather (brown) @ Pavillion
16th on 2/5/08 : Louis Vuitton Hampstead MM @ Singapore
17th on 4/6/08 : Prada Bowler Bauletto Corallo (white) @ KLcc
18th on 4/6/08 : Prada Vit Diano Bianco (orange/pink) @ KLcc
19th on 13/6/08 : Gucci Borsa Britt Signature tote (white signature fabric) @ KLcc (stolen during break-ins)
20th on 05/7/08 : Coach Bleecker Signature Flap Sling (khaki) @ KLcc
21st on 21/5/08 : Ferragamo (leather black) @ Pavillion
22nd on 12/7/08 : Coach Hampston Signature Flap Satchel (burgundy) @ The Gardens
23rd on 20/7/08 : Fossil Natasha clutch (black) @ The Gardens
24th on 26/7/08 : Louis Vuitton Tivoli PM in Monogram (stolen during break-ins)
25th on 2/8/08 : Louis Vuitton Trevi PM in Damier Ebony @ KLcc - gift from hubby (stolen during break-ins)
26th on 2/8/08 : Gucci Guccissima purse (black leather) @ KLcc - gift frm hubby
27th on 22/8/08 : Furla Frida tote @ MO Outlet
28th on 25/8/08 : Louis Vuitton Trouville MC in Noir
29th on 4/10/08 : Louis Vuitton Alma MC in Noir
30th on 25/10/08 : Louis Vuitton Trevi PM in Damier Ebony @ London (pesan kt ladyverde) - as a replacement yg dicuri.(Mr Hubs didn't knw abt this purchase. ssssyyy....)
31st on 26/10/08 : Louis Vuitton Porte Tresor International MC White - wallet - gift from hubby
31st on 26/10/08 : Louis Vuitton Mahina XL - gift from hubby
32nd on mid Nov : coming picture yet! Tapage Bag Charm to compliment my Mahina's XL (ordered frm a fren in Milan)

I'm banned from now on getting any new acquisitions in next 2 yrs :(
(Ya Allah Kuatkanlah Iman Hambamu yang lemah ini. Amin)

Thanks for sharing this wit the rest bag-aholis n i hope they enjoy watching the pics.

~bag.aholics~: Hi, kita suka itu Trevi! Bila laaaa boleh dapat Trevi tu.Huhu..Bertuah dapat husband yang suka bagi present bag.Hehe.Nice collection!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Mrs Ana Libra's Collection

Hello! I am a Singaporean and i was fiddling with google one day and i stumbled upon your fabulous website. What a way to unite ladies who are aficionados of bags, fashion and everything nice. It's impressive. Kudos to you for creating it! I love bags, 925 sterling silver accessories of any kind and not forgetting shades. My collection is slowly multiplying. I only buy those that literally bugs me even in my sleep because i get bored easily.

My first designer handbag was a Gucci bought @ Hilton Hotel's Gucci Store in 2005 as i needed an eye candy to go with my hantarans and all others were too big for my dulangs. And i've been liking Gucci eversince.

Bought myself 2 Gucci wallets, one in Guccisima leather in pink from Gucci Paragon, which i absolutely ladore for its spaciousness and a smaller one in classic material. I also bought this minimalistic plain looking black Christian Dior wallet from Dior Isetan Orchard. Perfect for days you feel like a total plain Jane.

I bought this small Longchamp bag from Longchamp Paragon.

Then i just had to get this loud Gucci bag in PINK @ Gucci Paragon because obviously i love that color and the sportiness it exudes. That was an unintended purchase. I happened to walk into the store and out with it, barely minutes later. Such a shopaholic sometimes.

I bought this Ralph Lauren tote, Gucci sling bag (perfect for travel and for stashing your passports) and pink handphone strap from DFS Singapore @ Scotts Rd.

I bought this Gucci shopper bag with its signature green & red from Gucci Paragon. Hassle-free diaper bag for my only 2 year old daughter.

I bought these Agn├Ęs B tote bags from Wisma Atria Isetan & Rafflescity Shopping Centre respectively. They are really affordable, the bigger (vinyl) one is good for my gym and yoga sessions.

I am not such an avid fan of Louis Vuitton but let me make this an exception -I must say I can't get my eyes off the Speedy Damier Canvas 35. So after much contemplation, i grabbed that from Louis Vuitton Takashimaya, bill footed by husband dearest -as a birthday gift as I turned 26 recently. =)

I bought this Gucci toiletries cum cosmetic bag from Gucci Takashimaya, perfect for dumping your essentials and it steadies up my Speedy, somehow, when i have lesser things to carry.

Next i'd love to own Prada's Nappe Gauffre, Chanel large canvas tote and ur dream bag in black, Insya Allah. They cost a whooping SGD 3000++ & above. Must save! Rip-offs but nice.

Thank you for featuring my items. Have a good day.

Kind regards,

Ana Libra

~bag.aholics~: Hi, welcome to bag-aholics! :) Wah! Peminat Gucci eh u.Hehe.And oh, that pink Gucci wallet is sooooo gediks! My favourite is your Gucci shopper bag with signature green & red .Nampak sangat practical.

Miss Naddy's Latest Addition

Hi... just wanna share my new bag... :) It's the Gucci full moon tote I bought recently in Singapore..


~bag.aholics~: Cun! Sangat!

Monday, November 3, 2008

For Sale! SOLD!


M letting go my Monty GM. Brand new. Straps are still wrapped in plastic.
Reason for selling: Impulse purchased.
Current retail price in Msia : RM3,300. M willing to let go much lower than that. So, anybody interested, pls let me know k!

Details :

Monogram canvas with natural cowhide trim
Name inspired by a lively pedestrian street in the center of Paris
Shiny golden brass hardware
Flat leather shoulder straps with ring attachments
Engraved nameplate on the front with Old English Louis Vuitton signature
Pleats on both sides
Golden round studs throughout
Zip top closure with padlock
Fine textile lining
Interior patch pocket
16.5"x 9.4"x 7

TQ & rgds.

~bag.aholics~: Anyone interested sila contact lady.esperanza at

Hani's Collection

Hi there,

I came across your blog today and find it exciting. I love anything and everything about designer handbags and am thrilled to relate to other ladies who love authentic designer bags. I would rather die than be seen in a knock-off. Here's some from my collection.

I started buying designer bags in 2001 after a year in the IT industry. My first purchase was a red Furla. Bought from Furla boutique in KLCC at a 60% discount. This one costed me RM400++. I can't remember the exact figure.

Then for my wedding in 2003, my husband bought me a brown Escada. I think this one was between RM1700-1900.

After that my obsession became an addiction. I just had to have more designer handbags. So I started to save on other things and splurged on handbags and shoes.

Here are some that I have now. I just had to have 1 from every designer but my main obsession and addiction is of course, Louis Vuitton. I consider myself an LV beginner, so right now, I am saving up to buy all the LV essentials (must-haves) and classics like the Speedy, Neverfull, Alma and Keepall and Carryall for those overseas trips. I managed to buy 3 essentials this year. Details below. Besides, my limited fund only allows for LV essentials now, not the limited editions/collections. Hehehe.

I bought this Gucci horsebit hobo in Red from the Gucci boutique in KLCC , also at a discount. I think it was just RM1800.

The classic Dior with front and side pockets is fabulous for everyday use. I got it from Harrods, London. I remember after conversion, it costed around RM3500.

Then, I got myself the Salvatore Ferragamo at the Heathrow airport. I think it is about RM2100.

The orange leather Coccinelle was bought in David Jones, Adelaide at about RM1800.

Both of my Juicy Couture handbags were bought online at This was before the store in Pavilion was opened. I cannot remember the prices but JC handbags are inexpensive and really cute. I use the Juicy Couture Daydreamer Velour as diaper bag for my 3 young kids. I rarely use the Juicy Couture Metallic hobo because it is too funky for my wardrobe which consists mostly of classics.

In 2008, I bought 3 pieces of LV handbags - my LV Neverfull GM is RM2850 and the LV Tivoli GM is RM4850 and Alma is RM3600++. All 3 were bought from LV StarHill, KL. Sadly my Alma was stolen when two robbers broke into my house in March. They got away with all my diamonds and gold jewelry, watches and Alma. Sob! Sob!

I recently purchased an LV zippy coin purse. It's RM1150. And I am currently using a Gucci wallet (RM1900). Also in the picture is my Lulu Guinness vanity bag. Got it from Selfridges, London.

Right now I am still in my quest to obtain more Louis Vuitton handbags. I am saving up and hopefully I will have enough to purchase everything in my LV Wish List.

Cheers & regards,

~bag.aholics~: Oh my.Tumpang sedih bila baca part kena robbed tu.I'm not a big fan of red but your Gucci nampak lain daripada yang lain.And i love your Lulu Guinness vanity bag. Sangat cute! LV, of course, sangat classic :)