Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Wishlist

Haaa..I know u guys suka topic ni kan? Hehe.

So apa u guys punya handbag wishlist for 2009?

~bag.aholics~: My wishlist? Tak dak kot..Hehe.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

For Sale!

Coach Legacy Patent Leather Francine in Mahogany. Purchased at RM1880 in August08.
I am selling off my Francine as it taken off most of my closet (the box is too big). Used for 3-4 times from home>car>office>and back home...
Selling at RM1500 (c/w box, dustbag, gift receipt)

Thanks xoxo & Cheers
contact me via

~bag.aholics~: Anyone interested sila contact Mrs Nizza ye.

Mrs Nizza'a Collection

Hi Darls!!

You had a great bags ladies.. Admire yr passion!!

I dun have many to show-off here but I do have some that I feel it awesome for my eyes.. hehe

I am the fan of Coach. Ever since I bump into these brand, I straight away fell in love with the style, design and colors.
Even I am obsessed to coach, I do have a dream to own tivoli sometime next year. Just need to break an egg to make it happen.
Just what I've done to my first purchase for coach.

The first purchased was done online through one of my husband former bedmate's wifey..
Thank to her that able to help me to have my first ever Coach brand line to my existing collection which consist of local brand such as 9west and LC's.

It was Coach Ergo Pebbled Leather Small Hobo in Black, Purchased at RM490 in May08.

Then it comes my Coach Ergo Pleated Framed Satchel in Khaki/Mahogany. Purchased at RM1400 in June08.
I used this bag almost everyday. I dont really like the colors but heck.. this bag has lot of space big enough for me to throw in everything that I need most at work. I wish I could replace this bag with the latest design of framed satchel in berry..

Coach Bleecker Duffle in Khaki/White. Purchased at RM720 in July08.
Comfort, convertible and very sexy bag.. love it soo much..

Fasting month came, raya then next purchase was Coach Ergo Pleated Leather Hobo in Burnt Orange. Was sold at RM470.
I used this almost everyday to work/ with jeans.. simple and match everything

Follows by Coach Legacy Stripe Wallet (RM480) then Coach Zoe Mosaic Patchwork Wristlet (RM400)

and last but not least, the most wanted small pouch for outtings..
Coach Legacy Stripe Kisslock Top Handle Pouch (RM490)

That's all from me..

Thanks xoxo & Cheers
contact me via

~bag.aholics~: Teringat dulu-dulu pernah drooling kat Coach Legacy Stripe Kisslock Top Handle Pouch tu.Hehe.

Monday, December 29, 2008

For Sale!


Coach wallet and ergo tote for sale!

Details at :)

~bag.aholics~: Silalah jenguk blog Cik Naddy, kawan-kawan!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mrs KS's Latest Addition

Hi All,

It has been more than a year since I shared my collection in here.

Here are my 4 additional members in my wardrobe for this year:

1. Tods Restyled D Bag - June 2008

Hubby bought this in Geneva. He even bought a matching shoe ;)

2. LV Eva - August 2008

Impulse buying at KLCC. But I lvoe lvoe this bag. Simple and chic.

3. Tods Peggy Hobo - December 2008

Been eyeing this bag since 2007 (it was their SS 07 collection) but at that time the price was nearly 6k. But I got this for half of the price at Pavilion. Wohooo!!

4. LV Neverfull PM - December 2008

Got this in exchanged with LV Farandole Ring and Bangle because both of them are simply too big for me. (tapi cincin & bangle tu mmg cantikkan reena? hehe ;) )

Sekian. Harap2nya there won't be anymore purchase this year. Sudah cukup :)

mummy_aiman&akmal a.k.a KS

~bag.aholics~: A'ah.Cincin & bangle tu memang cantik.Btw, tak tau nak pilih mana satu my favourite sebab suka semua.Hehe :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Mrs Euphoria New LVOEs

I thought dah habis for this year, but can't help it! Since DH pun dah support me to collect bags, so I set my limit up to 10 bags.

Additional 3 bags:

1. Priscilla Multicolor - Hubby bought this before raya.
2. Trevi GM - I bought this using my own hard work money in Surfer's Paradise, OZ. I save about 2k compared to the price in KL because of the currency AUD jatuh and also I boleh claim GST 9.5%.
3. Galliera Azur PM - Pesan kat my arabic friend (she's a Hermes junkie OMG!) who's been in UK for holidays. She got it for me at the same price in UK minus the tax...she's a very nice girl! But my bank account is still in danger because she'll be going there again this January. LOL Besides that she also got me the Monogram Canvas Mini Pochette Accessories & the Vernis Violette Keyholder cles.

That's all. I don't have anymore wishlist in LV, but was thinking to get a zipper vernis wallet, makeup case or small pouch. Now senang pergi park and groceries carrying that mini pochette, just put my CC, some cash, handphone and keys. For bag, I'm aiming for a crossbody pulak..either miu miu coffer or prada..but tgk YSL Muse and downtown mcm sungguh mengancam! ihiks..but I dah set my limit up to 10 bags, so I don't know which one to let go after this...u rasa which one should I let go? =)

EJ Shopkeeper

~bag.aholics~: Beli Miu Miu or Prada! Eh, jangan la let go.Simpan buat warisan untuk anak-anak.Hehe.