Monday, December 15, 2008

Mrs Euphoria New LVOEs

I thought dah habis for this year, but can't help it! Since DH pun dah support me to collect bags, so I set my limit up to 10 bags.

Additional 3 bags:

1. Priscilla Multicolor - Hubby bought this before raya.
2. Trevi GM - I bought this using my own hard work money in Surfer's Paradise, OZ. I save about 2k compared to the price in KL because of the currency AUD jatuh and also I boleh claim GST 9.5%.
3. Galliera Azur PM - Pesan kat my arabic friend (she's a Hermes junkie OMG!) who's been in UK for holidays. She got it for me at the same price in UK minus the tax...she's a very nice girl! But my bank account is still in danger because she'll be going there again this January. LOL Besides that she also got me the Monogram Canvas Mini Pochette Accessories & the Vernis Violette Keyholder cles.

That's all. I don't have anymore wishlist in LV, but was thinking to get a zipper vernis wallet, makeup case or small pouch. Now senang pergi park and groceries carrying that mini pochette, just put my CC, some cash, handphone and keys. For bag, I'm aiming for a crossbody pulak..either miu miu coffer or prada..but tgk YSL Muse and downtown mcm sungguh mengancam! ihiks..but I dah set my limit up to 10 bags, so I don't know which one to let go after this...u rasa which one should I let go? =)

EJ Shopkeeper

~bag.aholics~: Beli Miu Miu or Prada! Eh, jangan la let go.Simpan buat warisan untuk anak-anak.Hehe.

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