Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mrs KS's Latest Addition

Hi All,

It has been more than a year since I shared my collection in here.

Here are my 4 additional members in my wardrobe for this year:

1. Tods Restyled D Bag - June 2008

Hubby bought this in Geneva. He even bought a matching shoe ;)

2. LV Eva - August 2008

Impulse buying at KLCC. But I lvoe lvoe this bag. Simple and chic.

3. Tods Peggy Hobo - December 2008

Been eyeing this bag since 2007 (it was their SS 07 collection) but at that time the price was nearly 6k. But I got this for half of the price at Pavilion. Wohooo!!

4. LV Neverfull PM - December 2008

Got this in exchanged with LV Farandole Ring and Bangle because both of them are simply too big for me. (tapi cincin & bangle tu mmg cantikkan reena? hehe ;) )

Sekian. Harap2nya there won't be anymore purchase this year. Sudah cukup :)

mummy_aiman&akmal a.k.a KS

~bag.aholics~: A'ah.Cincin & bangle tu memang cantik.Btw, tak tau nak pilih mana satu my favourite sebab suka semua.Hehe :)

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