Monday, March 31, 2008

Miss Esperanza's Latest Addition

These are my new collections as promised. Sorry I'm a bit bz working to cover up the RM spent on the bags..LOL.

1. COACH SCRIBBLE TOTE - (My whishlist bag as I first saw it in Hawaii last year, luckily they released again! But got to order online)-Just officially used it yesterday
2. COACH RED LEGACY SIGNATURE SLIM FLAP - My 1st bag for 2008. As I said my theme color was red for 2008... but it keeps changing though.. (Love this bag, very spacious and practical. I have matching red embossed signature shoes or I match it with red Vara of Ferragamo)
3. EPI NOE - It's pre owned purchased. But the condition is tip top! Credit to Mummy A&A for the bandeau idea. The Bandeau is mono multicolor white from KLCC.
4. MONTORGUEIL GM - I have no idea about the releaseof this bag at all.. When I bought the bandeau, I thot I wanna buy BV or Neverfull MM. But I dont like bags without zipper. So the SA suddenly showed me this, whether I like it or not.. Terus jatuh cinta pandang pertama, price is about BV/BH, lebih sket je. Dia ada lock macam Speedy. Belum pakai due to no matching shoes.
5. WRISTLETS- Soho Sign Wristlet & Prada Crispy Wristlet -Orang yang tamak haloba.. Beli sampai dua. (Ape nak jadiklah aku ni...!) Anyway, have not used them. The red is for lunch/office. The black is out of office purposes.. bole gitu..LOL.

REMARKS: I'M ON BUYING-BAGS BANNED NOW (T&C apply..manalah tau kot2 ada yg blockbuster price down ke.. hehehe) K girls.. never stop collectiong bags.. Take care & Cheers!

Miss Esperanza.

~bag.aholics~: Hahaha.Ada T&C eh? Love love love Prada wrislet itu!

For Sale!

Carly medium brown signature canvas/khaki saddle leather

This new style boasts all the reasons to become your favorite bag: a large, slouchy shape, our graphic Signature print fabric, a long strap and iconic detailing.
Inside zip pocket Cellphone/multi-function pocket Ring to clip an accessory or keyfob Zip-top closure Signature jacquard fabric with lightweight leather trim Turnlock detail Fabric lining 12 1/2" strap with dogleash clip 6 1/2" drop 15 (L) x 9 1/2 (H) x 5 (W)
Bonuses: it comes with its original paper bag, dust bag, hang tag, coach card and the plastic wrappings.

It is rarely used due to my needs of a bigger bag to hold my son's items. Thus, not a speck of dirt is there. As good as new.

I'm letting it go at rm900.

Installments pun boleh.

Miss Nadiah Khair.

~bag.aholics~: Anyone interested kindly contact Miss Nadiah Khair :-) Boleh installment lagi tu.Hehe.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Miss Chix's Collection

Hi all,
I'm new here in Bagaholics. But for sure not new in being a bagaholics like you all :p
Here's my collection. Tak fancy sangat, tapi beli apa yang mampu je buat masa ni.

1. Guess Antonia Satchel
2. Fendi Shopper Tote
3. Bonia alma bag
4. Loewe Amazona
5. Guess Impact Bowler Bag
6. Plinio Visona Tote
7. Salvatore Ferragamo
8. Lulu Guinness Evening Bag
9. Prada Wristlet
10. LV Lexington Monogram Vernis Pochette
11. Guess Antonia Slim Wallet
12. Country Road Zipper Wallet
13. Fendi Porta Cellulare
14. Guess (free gift from at Parkson KLCC for spending RM500 on Guess Shoes, yeay!)
15. St. John Evening Clutch

My wishlist: (tatau la bile bleh beli nih..hukhuk.. )
1. LV Suhali Lockit PM
2. Celine Boogie Bag
3. Marc Jacobs Quilted Stam Bag
4. The Sak Signature Knit Shopper Bag (takde The Sak kat Malaysia :( sedeyy..)


Petaling Jaya, MY


~bag.aholics~: Wow! Not bad la your collection.Suka structured bags eh? :p Oh, Celine Boogie Bag is one of my ultimate wishlist! Baru ni checked kat KLCC ada 5% discount (Kenapa laaa tak 50% eh? Hahaha).

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Miss Gurl's Latest Addition

1. Paul Smith swirl print wallet & Juicy Couture baby fluffy bag
2. LV minilin speedy 30
3. Coach bleecker wallet
4. adik beradik yang masam kt belakang ~ MbMJ miss marc tote

~bag.aholics~: Pembelian terkini ekkk? Cesssss.Macam pembelian dah berkurun je.Heheheh.Saya sangat jealous okayyy your new collection ni! Semuanya da bomm!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Miss Nadiah Khair's Latest Addition

My new addition to my small family.. :D
Speedy 30 in Damier ebene.

~bag.aholics~: Speedy! Emm.. :p