Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Zuen's Collection

1. Dior Green - My very first couture...bought in January 2007, at Dior Boutique KLIA just a few minute before the boarding gate closed. Fell in love with it when i saw it in Female Magazine January 2007.

2. LV Hamstead - Bought in Rome for 850e..That Christmas 2007 was like a dream come true..xsangka dpt bonus from my bos. Budget travelling la konon tp angkutla kotak & paperbag LV naik bas bagai while touring Rome...

3. Dior Pink Sling Bag - Got a 50e shopping voucher from a client..and Dior Boutique in Brown Thomas, Dublin (also December 2007) was on sale..Bag was only 120e and they accepted the shopping voucher..impulse buying well worth it!!

4. Somewhere in between 2007 - 2008 bought that small DKNY purse for 50e during Brown Thomas, Dublin sale..

5. LV Multicolour Kate clutch - Bought that the morning (August 2008) I was due to come home to Malaysia in LV Boutique Brown Thomas, Dublin. I had so many wedding to attend, I just had to get it..Was tempted to get an Eva..tp because my bestfren bought it 1st..i settled for this one instead..think it was only 325e..

6. LV Vernis Sara wallet - December 2008..Boxing day in London..Bought this to put on my dulang hantaran,..at that time 1e = 1pound..nasib xbeli kt Dublin..

7. Gucci Hobo bag in pink - My last summer (2009) in Dublin..just decided I was going back to Msia for good..teman my housemate who is a gucci freak..line up for 3 hours before the mega sale starts..we were only the 20th customer but already most bags was already taken..didn't plan to buy anything but who could resist a 175e pink GUCCI bag..my favourite working bag till now..

8. LV Monogram Viva Cite - Inherited this from my mum who bought it god knows when..from one of her Uero work trip..only worn it a few times coz it's not really my cuppa tea..actually thinking of letting it go (anyone??)...

Sigh..since kt Msia belum lg beli ape2 bag..of course my dream bag is also a chanel 2.55..InsyaAllah..one day soon..

Thx for letting me share my bags..