Monday, March 31, 2008

Miss Esperanza's Latest Addition

These are my new collections as promised. Sorry I'm a bit bz working to cover up the RM spent on the bags..LOL.

1. COACH SCRIBBLE TOTE - (My whishlist bag as I first saw it in Hawaii last year, luckily they released again! But got to order online)-Just officially used it yesterday
2. COACH RED LEGACY SIGNATURE SLIM FLAP - My 1st bag for 2008. As I said my theme color was red for 2008... but it keeps changing though.. (Love this bag, very spacious and practical. I have matching red embossed signature shoes or I match it with red Vara of Ferragamo)
3. EPI NOE - It's pre owned purchased. But the condition is tip top! Credit to Mummy A&A for the bandeau idea. The Bandeau is mono multicolor white from KLCC.
4. MONTORGUEIL GM - I have no idea about the releaseof this bag at all.. When I bought the bandeau, I thot I wanna buy BV or Neverfull MM. But I dont like bags without zipper. So the SA suddenly showed me this, whether I like it or not.. Terus jatuh cinta pandang pertama, price is about BV/BH, lebih sket je. Dia ada lock macam Speedy. Belum pakai due to no matching shoes.
5. WRISTLETS- Soho Sign Wristlet & Prada Crispy Wristlet -Orang yang tamak haloba.. Beli sampai dua. (Ape nak jadiklah aku ni...!) Anyway, have not used them. The red is for lunch/office. The black is out of office purposes.. bole gitu..LOL.

REMARKS: I'M ON BUYING-BAGS BANNED NOW (T&C apply..manalah tau kot2 ada yg blockbuster price down ke.. hehehe) K girls.. never stop collectiong bags.. Take care & Cheers!

Miss Esperanza.

~bag.aholics~: Hahaha.Ada T&C eh? Love love love Prada wrislet itu!

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Shima Latif said...

X nk let go ke lv montorgueil tu? Saiz pm or gm ye? Beza die mn sesuai utk org saiz xs??? Help me pleaseee....