Friday, November 7, 2008

Mrs Ana Libra's Collection

Hello! I am a Singaporean and i was fiddling with google one day and i stumbled upon your fabulous website. What a way to unite ladies who are aficionados of bags, fashion and everything nice. It's impressive. Kudos to you for creating it! I love bags, 925 sterling silver accessories of any kind and not forgetting shades. My collection is slowly multiplying. I only buy those that literally bugs me even in my sleep because i get bored easily.

My first designer handbag was a Gucci bought @ Hilton Hotel's Gucci Store in 2005 as i needed an eye candy to go with my hantarans and all others were too big for my dulangs. And i've been liking Gucci eversince.

Bought myself 2 Gucci wallets, one in Guccisima leather in pink from Gucci Paragon, which i absolutely ladore for its spaciousness and a smaller one in classic material. I also bought this minimalistic plain looking black Christian Dior wallet from Dior Isetan Orchard. Perfect for days you feel like a total plain Jane.

I bought this small Longchamp bag from Longchamp Paragon.

Then i just had to get this loud Gucci bag in PINK @ Gucci Paragon because obviously i love that color and the sportiness it exudes. That was an unintended purchase. I happened to walk into the store and out with it, barely minutes later. Such a shopaholic sometimes.

I bought this Ralph Lauren tote, Gucci sling bag (perfect for travel and for stashing your passports) and pink handphone strap from DFS Singapore @ Scotts Rd.

I bought this Gucci shopper bag with its signature green & red from Gucci Paragon. Hassle-free diaper bag for my only 2 year old daughter.

I bought these Agnès B tote bags from Wisma Atria Isetan & Rafflescity Shopping Centre respectively. They are really affordable, the bigger (vinyl) one is good for my gym and yoga sessions.

I am not such an avid fan of Louis Vuitton but let me make this an exception -I must say I can't get my eyes off the Speedy Damier Canvas 35. So after much contemplation, i grabbed that from Louis Vuitton Takashimaya, bill footed by husband dearest -as a birthday gift as I turned 26 recently. =)

I bought this Gucci toiletries cum cosmetic bag from Gucci Takashimaya, perfect for dumping your essentials and it steadies up my Speedy, somehow, when i have lesser things to carry.

Next i'd love to own Prada's Nappe Gauffre, Chanel large canvas tote and ur dream bag in black, Insya Allah. They cost a whooping SGD 3000++ & above. Must save! Rip-offs but nice.

Thank you for featuring my items. Have a good day.

Kind regards,

Ana Libra

~bag.aholics~: Hi, welcome to bag-aholics! :) Wah! Peminat Gucci eh u.Hehe.And oh, that pink Gucci wallet is sooooo gediks! My favourite is your Gucci shopper bag with signature green & red .Nampak sangat practical.

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