Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mrs Yanie's Collection

Hi bag.aholics;
Just a quick update on my acquisitions since 2006 to date. ppsstttt.....i'm updating from office since hubs banned having broadband at home. he said "home is for berehatttt...wat a conservative hubs ya??? but deeply inside m truly in luv with Mr Hubbi.

i ain't no fashionista but my initial love for designer handbag started with COACH back in 2006 and i lost '5' of my babies during my condo's break-ins on last Sept, 2008 fasting month tu!!! *sad but true* and here i proudly present my handbags collection....

1st on 26/5/06 : Coach Hampston Signature envelope wallet @ KLcc
2nd on 26/5/06 : Burberry Medium Haymarket checked bag @ KLcc
3rd on 27/5/06 : Ferragamo G Mania Ciliegia @ KLcc (red suede) - gift from hubby
4th on 4/6/06 : Coach Signature Small Soft Duffle (brown) @ KLcc
5th on 5/6/06 : Coach SIgnature Large Caryall (black) @ KLcc (stolen during break-ins)
6th on 8/6/06 : Coach Signature Large Beauty Case (green) @ KLcc
7th on 8/6/08 : Gucci Classic shoulder handbag (brown signature fabric)@ KLcc
8th on 18/6/06 : Gucci Bouvier Medium Hobo (blue with red/blue/red stripes) @ KLcc - gift from hubby (stolen during break-ins)
9th on 19/11/06 : Cole Han (brown leather) @ MO Outlet
10th on 14/2/07 : Aigner (black leather shoulder) @ MO Outlet
11th on 26/8/07 : Aigner Sarah canvas (green canvas) @ MO Outlet
12th on 18/3/07 : Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 30" in Ebony @ Starhill
13th on 14/04/07 : Coach Ergo leather Tote (blue) and flower keyfob @ KLcc - gift from hubby
14th on 18/11/07 : Coach Ergo Belted Leather Flap (burgundy) @ Pavillion
15th on 3/12/07 : Coach Carly Leather (brown) @ Pavillion
16th on 2/5/08 : Louis Vuitton Hampstead MM @ Singapore
17th on 4/6/08 : Prada Bowler Bauletto Corallo (white) @ KLcc
18th on 4/6/08 : Prada Vit Diano Bianco (orange/pink) @ KLcc
19th on 13/6/08 : Gucci Borsa Britt Signature tote (white signature fabric) @ KLcc (stolen during break-ins)
20th on 05/7/08 : Coach Bleecker Signature Flap Sling (khaki) @ KLcc
21st on 21/5/08 : Ferragamo (leather black) @ Pavillion
22nd on 12/7/08 : Coach Hampston Signature Flap Satchel (burgundy) @ The Gardens
23rd on 20/7/08 : Fossil Natasha clutch (black) @ The Gardens
24th on 26/7/08 : Louis Vuitton Tivoli PM in Monogram (stolen during break-ins)
25th on 2/8/08 : Louis Vuitton Trevi PM in Damier Ebony @ KLcc - gift from hubby (stolen during break-ins)
26th on 2/8/08 : Gucci Guccissima purse (black leather) @ KLcc - gift frm hubby
27th on 22/8/08 : Furla Frida tote @ MO Outlet
28th on 25/8/08 : Louis Vuitton Trouville MC in Noir
29th on 4/10/08 : Louis Vuitton Alma MC in Noir
30th on 25/10/08 : Louis Vuitton Trevi PM in Damier Ebony @ London (pesan kt ladyverde) - as a replacement yg dicuri.(Mr Hubs didn't knw abt this purchase. ssssyyy....)
31st on 26/10/08 : Louis Vuitton Porte Tresor International MC White - wallet - gift from hubby
31st on 26/10/08 : Louis Vuitton Mahina XL - gift from hubby
32nd on mid Nov : coming picture yet! Tapage Bag Charm to compliment my Mahina's XL (ordered frm a fren in Milan)

I'm banned from now on getting any new acquisitions in next 2 yrs :(
(Ya Allah Kuatkanlah Iman Hambamu yang lemah ini. Amin)

Thanks for sharing this wit the rest bag-aholis n i hope they enjoy watching the pics.

~bag.aholics~: Hi, kita suka itu Trevi! Bila laaaa boleh dapat Trevi tu.Huhu..Bertuah dapat husband yang suka bagi present bag.Hehe.Nice collection!

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