Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lady Verde's Collection (Part 2)

My 1st acquisition (2005)


MINI VANITY BAG lamb leather in PINK

Bought @ TheMall , Italy

2nd acquisition (2005)


BORSE CLUTCH lamb leather in TAN BROWN

Bought @ TheMall , Italy

3rd acquisition (2006)


Monogram Canvas MANHATTAN PM

Bought @ New Bond Street , London

Courtesy of Mr.Doc

Love it but sangat jarang gune…hmmmmm but that doesn’t say that I’m let it go

4th acquisition (2006)


Suhali Leather L’EPANOUI in BLACK

Bought @ Sloane Street , London

One of my fav bag for function…coz no matter what colour my dress is, it goes well with my stuart weitzman

Hmmmm as for my 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th acquisition, I (actually I bought 3 and one courtesy from Mr.Doc) bought it all at once, at Desert Hills Premium Outlet, Cabazon California during our vacation in Los Angeles

COACH (2007)

Legacy DAPHNE Handbag in BLACK

(courtesy from Mr.Doc)

COACH (2007)

Legacy SOHO Braided Multi Function Tote in WHITE

COACH (2007)

Legacy MADISON Flap Bag in BLACK

COACH (2007)

Legacy Stripe Wrislet in Metallic Gold

9th acquisition (2007)


Damier Canvas HAMPSTEAD MM in Ebony

Bought @ New Bond Street , London

My fav shopping / outing / meeting / working bag! Its spacious n elegant at the same time…

10th acquisition (2007)


Mirage SPEEDY 30 in BLACK

Bought @ New Bond Street , London

When I started loving LV way back in 2006, I told myself back then that I have to own atleast one iconic speedy…but not in monogram canvas n damier collection…the 1st speedy that I’m in love with was the multicolour in white…absolutely gorgeous! But having look at my budget that time, I really have to forget about it…then it was monogram dentelle in gold…but mr.doc didn’t approved it as he said macam kain perca tampal tepek2 ;p so I waited patiently until fall winter 2007 issue on this gorgeous MIRAGE collection…mr.doc was blown away by it aswell…so till to date, that’s my best buddy for casual outing ;)

11th acquisition (2008)


Monogram Canvas NEVERFULL GM

Bought @ New Bond Street , London

Owh I love the ones in damier aswell…shanteks smart…shall i??? shall I not??? Hehehhehe…well we’ll see later laaa

12th acquisition (2008)


Monogram Canvas TIVOLI GM

Bought @ Oslo , Norway

Well dudettes, that’s all I have to offer….

As for my next acquisition?????? ………………………Hmmmmmmm for me to know………and for u to find out!!!! ;)

…..but pssstttt…I kindda like chanel quilted lambskin large shopping tote tho….so spacious n elegant! But its damn 13grand! Owh, have to work harder then…huhuhuhuhu…

Btw, I find that the new collection of LV winter 2008 not that appealing…what do u ghurls think??? ;)

Till then darls, cheers!

do visit LadyVerde at for more! ;)

p/s : hmmm…does the ones that I (read : we) bought for my mum counts???? ;p

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