Sunday, January 13, 2008

Eyda's Collection (Part 1)

Here are the ones that are with me right now in kl :) So consider this as part 1 of Eyda's so-called collection.Apparently there are no Coach, LVs, Guccis, Pradas or any of that sort.Would want to be carrying those bags until i really could afford them myself :P

(clockwise from top right)
- Marks & Spencer gold sling bag - got it at one utama to match my gold melissa + campanas, was a real bargain too
- Supre satin sling bag - got it as a gift from down under from a best friend, love the flexible straps
- Red Herring tan leather sholder bag - got it from debenhams, love it cause i can throw practically everything in it

(clockwise from top right)
- DKNY top handle mini bag - got it online for a steal too, small but could fit almost everything i need when i go out
- Kipling salerno shoulder bag - got as a gift, love the practical size and colourful prints
- Topshop moss green suede hobo bag - my first topshop bag from sunway pyramid
- Marc Jacobs canvas bag - got it online for a real steal, for brief outings

(clockwise from top right)
- MNG white satchel - got it during a sale years back, still love it
- MNG zebra large satchel - got it online for practically half the original price, huga fan of prints

(clockwise from top right)
- Yellow/green satchel - got it during a vacation overseas for a real bargain, love the colour and stripes
- Calvin Klein jeans leather purse - got it as my birthday present from my significant other, love the colour and leather scent,
- Kenneth Cole reaction frame bag - got it from klcc, love the shape and size (mind the heart pin, i added that myself :P)

That's about it i guess. will get a 2nd part soon! hehe


~bag.aholics~: Wah..your bags lagi banyak than mine.Tu baru part 1.Can't wait part 2.Hey, u know which one is my favorite rite? Haha.

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