Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Oversized Clutch

Celebrity and a blogger with oversized clutch

Some of the oversized clutch yang cantik, menarik, tertarik kau memang da bomb.The first one is the exactly one Mrs Beckham pakai in above picture.

Oversized clutch is one of the must-have items for fashionistas.It can be used for days and nights.Some of the oversized clutch boleh juga dipakai sebagai sling bag or or handbag.Coolness kan? Eventhough some people might say it's not practical, but personally i think a nice oversized clutch can make other people turn head especially if u carry it with an attitude.

What do u guys think about oversized clutch?

~bag.aholics~: I always LOVE LOVE clutch even before they became hot now.Especially the oversized one.Nasib tak cukup duit je nak beli oversize clutch yang cun :p Ada jumpa banyak yang murah, tapi tak cantik.Kalau cantik memang dah beli.Saw one in MNG last time dan sekarang menyesal yang teramat sangat-sangat sebab tak beli. Padan muka aku Currently looking for one.I do have a clutch, but not oversized enough la.Tak kisah apa material pun.Leather, patent etc.Ada sesiapa tahu tak kat mana boleh dapat? Tapi janganla suggest yang Jimmy Choo's Carolina or Fold Over "Day" Clutch tu.Mana nak korek duit.Huhu.

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