Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Miss Nong's Collection

Here's my "Starter Set" Collection. I started collecting this year, April 07 to be exact, with my 1st being a Coach Wristlet. It went downhill from there, becoming my obssession, bordering to addiction. That's why I am on Purse/Bag ban right now, waiting for my Bag TOM to get filled up again. Well, till 2008 (which is like 3 weeks from now, actually. Hahahaha)..

Without further ado, presenting my bags for the 1st time, by order of date of purchase:

- Coach Signature Wristlet (bought in KLCC, for RM525, after 10% disc, April 2007)
- Gucci New Britt Medium hobo (bought in Starhill, for RM2170, July 2007)
- Celine Wallet (bought in Isetan, KLCC, for RM1250, August 2007)
- Coach Leather Swingpack (bought thru fren in States, RM616, Aug/Sept 2007)
- Furla Divide-It Tote (bought in Pavilion, RM1050, Oct 2007)
- LV Batignolles Horizontal (bought thru fren's hubby in Geneva, RM2500, Nov 2007)

That's all for now...


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