Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Miss Zaila's Latest Addition

As promised earlier on, this is my beloved Tivoli GM yang i dok angau2 for the past 2months :) Bought it at LV boutique in KLCC for RM4,850 (I guess i'm on LV banned now, hehehe) I think this is the last monogram bag i'll buy from LV pasal susah nak jaga the vachetta. Lepas ni my LV will be in Damier Ebene, kena hujan pun tak apa. The thing i like the most about the bag is the adjustable straps, so boleh hand-carry ataupun letak kat shoulder. Practical kan? :) Ok ladies, take care!


~bag.aholics~: Bestnya dah dapat apa yang diangaukan selama ini.Hehe.

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