Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mrs Hanis's Latest Addition

I dah lama tak update my recent purchase kat bag-aholics since my MJ and Celine. So here it goes..

MBMJ Canvas Tote
I bought it from Parkson,Pavillion. The reason I bought this bag was to use it during my Finland trip. Because this bag is waterproof and stain resistance. I love this bag to itsy bitsy not only the price is super cheap. hihihh Senang jaga! Now this bag has become my "beg pasar or mamak" senang nak di lenjan2.

LV Hampstead MM
Bought it at LV helsinki. My ultimate wishlist for 2008. First time I entered LV boutique in March 08, terus fall in love with this bag. But masa tu ongkos masih tak cukup, so I go for cheaper alternative iaitu batignolles. Thanx to Mr Hubs for the bday gift. :D

Long Champ in Shocking Pink
I've been eyeing for this bag over a week when I first arrived in Helsinki. The color is not like the usual Long Champ bag. It was one and only bag in Helsinki!! So beli terus and transformed it to my diaper bag! Stylo kan for a diaper bag?! hihihh The best part is that it can be carried on the shoulder. ;)

Mulberry Bayswater in Raspberry
I fall in love for the first time when I saw this bag in Helsinki boutique. Tapi apekan daya time tu takde sale lagi. Soo mmg lah I tak mampu. hihihi.. But after a month balik from Helsinki, I found that in KL ade 30% off. So ape lagi!! Wehuuuu!!

Dior Gaucho in Blue Green (belum dapat lagi)
Dah lama berkenan dengan bag ni.. but after miss verde inform me about the massive sale in UK terus pesan from her friend! Very good bargain!!! Tak sabau nak dapat. hihihi Pics shown lebih kurang with what I want. But mine InsyaAllah in medium size. :D Ameennn.

Jane Shilton Clutch
Bought this at Robinsons. Very cheap less than 1k. Purpose for attending a dinner. Lagi pun I don't have a clutch. Asek pinjam je my mom punye. :P

Bimba & Lola
My final purchase for 2008. This bag caught my eye when I first entered the shop. But.. I wasn't plan to buy the bag tho at the first place. After the generous manager told me that he can give me his discount voucher that he gets monthly... so saya memang pantang benda yang ade offer2 nih!! Esp bag cantik and full leather lak tu!! I like it because it has the vintage look plus the bag can be carry either handheld or cross body. So why not kan?? hihikkk... mati lah hakuuuu lol

Sekian harap maklum!

~bag.aholics~: Haa..Ada pun entry dari u, Hanis.Hehe.Ohhh..Sudah beli Gaucho Dior ehh? Hehe.Cun cun.How much u beli kat kawan Verde? If u don't mind share the price la :) Bimba & Lola pun cun gak.And oh, geram sangat tengok Hariz tengah gigit beg ituuu! :P

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