Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sara's Latest Addition

Hello Ladies,

Presenting my latest addition. They are out of smaller bags so I have to lug this big bag around KLCC.

I love the ribbons and camilla flower.

And voila.. Large/Med Classic flap in black with shw.

There's a long story to this. Initially I was thinking of getting a BV Veneta in Noce. So, that day my husband and I were in KLCC cos he wanted to get a new watch and we end up visiting other boutiques and Chanel. I'd love to get the flap but I didn't think of getting it so soon. It was during the visit that my husband took a liking to the classic flap. Anyway, we left without buying and went to Starhill to get the Veneta. After much parading and contemplating, I decided, ok lets buy it and so the SA went to get me a new one. Lo and behold, he came back empty handed and told us only the display unit is left. He told us we can order it and they will get a new one from Singapore in a week time. Over lunch we thought about it and then my husband said let's get the Chanel first and later we can buy the Veneta since it's a classic colour so no worries. Off we go again to KLCC and to Chanel. Then it was decision time again since I was distracted by the Reissue also in black. Finally, we decided the interwoven strap is much nicer and it's a wrap.

Sorry to bore you gals but I'm so excited. Hehe.


~bag.aholics~: Congratulations! Chanel 2.55 is a must have! I think u've made the right choice.Nanti bila dah beli BV, jangan lupa share jugak ye :)

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