Friday, June 26, 2009

Episode 1: Jay's Coach Ergo Collection

Hi. My name is Jay. I am a 32 year old mommy to two beautiful cheeky boys..and i am a self proclaimed coach-addict! Hahaha.. Yes! I love coach handbags and in this 1st entry, i would to share with you my Coach Ergo Collection.

In my humble opinion, i think this must be the most lightweight leather collection ever made by human kind.and you can tell that it is lightweight even by the looks of it.

First up is my Coach Large Tan Pleated Ergo Leather Tote style #12247, followed by Coach Medium White Pleated Ergo Leather Tote style #12240and lastly the Coach Rose Pleated Framed Ergo Leather Satchel style #12248all are gorgeously lined with Coach Tattersall lining.

Ok, so you may think that what's so special about this Ergo anyways? It looks hardware. No bling bling.just pure plain looking leather bag..Not even a Coach writing on it (except for on the hangtag and inside tattersal lining and the style creed)..

Well, that's what accessories are all about my dear! Just like a woman, handbags too need accessories to complete the look, if u know what i mean *wink*..and here are pics of my bags taken as i accessorised it to use accordingly throughout the week.

So you see, the Ergos practically have endless looks! With the right kind of accessories, you can transform it to suit any attire, formal and casual. No, you do not need to buy only Coach accessories to use on it. U can mix it up with others, even personal stuffs. For instance, the brown silk scarf on the ergo was actually my mom's scarf! I tried to use the Coach brown-patchwork ponytail but it just didn't match well. See for yourself:

And if you think the scarf is too crowded, feel free to ditch it for a much simple look. Like this:

The tips is not to be afraid to mix and match. Till next episode, have fun with your handbags and don't forget to accessorize!


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