Sunday, April 20, 2008

Miss Eti Karim's Collection

As far as luxury brands are concerned, I am an LV addict, especially the Monogram Canvas designs. So far that is the only brand that I am willing to spend my hard-earned money on. I find that the designs are classic and timeless. They would never go out of date. It helps to know that the price escalates too, not that I will ever sell any of my LVs.

My LV Collection so far…

1. Mini Looping
2. Trouville
3. Speedy 30
4. Batignolles Vertical
5. Cabas Piano

My next handbag is an Etienne Aigner. This is a lovely sling bag that I got at a discounted price in KLCC. The priced dropped twice before I purchased it. I got it at quite a bargain just RM1K plus, cannot remember the exact price. This is a great bag especially for traveling and shopping with kids as it leaves my hands free to hold the stroller/ the kids/ shopping bags. Love it.

The next one is a Nine West, huge kind of a hobo bag that I found at a Factory Outlet in Gold Coast. I am really a fan of huge bags. I lovely dumping everything in them when I travel. Quite a good size to dump in a book and even my “telekung” too, if I’m carrying it along with me.

The next handbag is a Kate Hill, an Australian brand, ( I got it at a Factory Outlet in Brisbane while on holiday. It was quite cheap, about AUS$69, if I remember correctly.

Finally, a bag that I found during lunch time window shopping at City Square at a Thai Bazaar more than 3 years ago. A straw bag that I bought for only RM50. I love the size, and for the price that I paid it is well worth it!

Guess that’s about all at the moment. Thanks for featuring it in your blog.

Another Bag-a-holic.
Eti Karim

~bag.aholics~: Yeay! Another bag-aholic! Sorry sangat lambat upload your collection.Btw, kita sukaaaa sangat your straw bag ituuuuu.Cantik dan unik.Memang worth it.

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