Saturday, April 12, 2008


They are not for sale neither Bagaholic’s new bags….

Speedy Minilin Croisette in red & blue you all! Look good workmanship though!

Zaila, can you see your Hamstead-soon-to-arrive look alike...LOL.

And.. NOOOOO!!!!! It's my Monty GM!
Mind u, they have 3 sizes S, M, L.. Too advance huh..LOL.

Finally..Helppp meee!!! I'm out of shape! I'm a real faker.
A badly designed Galleria! They have Galleria in Damier too.. Pandai sangatlah, LV belum buat, dia dah buat dulu..

What do you think of the bags at first glance? Well.. Maybe first glance at 1 or 2 pictures, you will never think that they are all such sucking fake bags!

Actually somebody informed me about this particular outlet which sells all these replicas thingy. (Not in KL). And guess what? On top of the outlet, they have web based store as well.. See! can you imagine how many fake supporters out there…

So to all my fellow Bagaholics.. Even though buying genuine bags does not entitle us to earn a single share from the manufacturer namely Louis Vuitton.. but ultimate satisfaction and self confidence are the feelings that we earn when we carry the genuine piece with us. We can fool others but not ourselves.. Till then.. And... Never stop collecting handbags!



~bag.aholics~: Thanks akak.I lebiu soooo much!!!! :-)

P/S to other bag-aholics out there yang tak pernah send pic(s) ke bag-aholics.blogspot, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send ye.Thanks :-)

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