Friday, August 1, 2008

Mrs Euphoria's Collections

Now let me tell you the stories behind each of my baby starting from the first to last of my accomplishments:

LV Speedy 30 Azur - My first LV. I keep this bag in Malaysia, and really, really miss her. =(

Large Classic Woven Bottega Veneta - This is my best investment so far s now the price is going up almost twice! I really love slouchy bag LOL.At the first glance this bag has nothing special, but when I touched her, I immediately fall in lurve with her...the leather is buttery soft and the quality is superb! This bag has a very elegant personality.

Fendi Ched Denim Handbag - This is my Fendi which I bought in Florence, Italy. I still have no chance to carry her yet. I tried to sell her once but then it's so hard to say goodbye...I keep this bag in Malaysia.

Tod's Miky - My rich leather red Tod's, also bought in Florence, Italy. I love the leather and get tones of compliments from my Tod's. My SIL tried to persuade me to sell my tod's a few times but I still can't find the perfect red handbag other than my Tod's.Every girl needs at least one red handbag.

Gucci Horsebit Hobo - my every-day bag, I can use it casual or when I dress up.

LV Palermo PM - I sold my Coach duffle and hubby bought me this as a mother's day gift. He has one specific agenda - So I can carry my kids and use it as a cross body bag.

Chanel East West Lambskin - Bought in Kuwait. Only use as a dinner bag.

Coach Abbey - Love the "ranggi" style, still hasn't had a chance to use it

LV Watercolor Papillon 30 - My 1st limited edition LV. I wanted the speedy, but they are not selling speedy 30, only have speedy 35. My husband don't like me wearing a huge handbag, so he bought me this one instead of the speedy 35.P Hubby put it in my arms while I was sleeping and woke up with a surprise!

I was going to buy LV hamstead, but I bought this instead. I actually love the Chanel Medallion Tote. Can't get enough seeing Lauren Conrad wearing it inside the Hills! But the Medallion tote is so expensive, and my budget only can cater for this. This is a Chanel Petite Shopper Tote in Caviar.

Here is all and all =)

My collections always keep changing. As a SAHM, I only carry handbag around 3 times per week, which counts to 162 times per year. So I have no justification to tell my husband that I need more handbags unless I sold the previous handbag that I had. =) I should only keep around 7 of them, but now seriously I don't know which one to sell because I love them all.

Many may feel that luxury handbags are a waste. I have been in the luxury handbag business long enough to realize that these are luxury items that rarely depreciate in value. Most of them still hold their original value and some even become sought after collector's items sold at exorbitantly high prices. I would like to invite you all to visit my online shop at and take a glimpse at luxury within your reach.

EJ Shopkeeper

~bag.aholics~: Aaahh..You are one of the bag-aholics yang ditunggu-tunggu collectionnya.Hehe.Siap ada cerita di sebalik setiap gambar bag eh? Paling best bila i baca title pic your LV Watercolor Papillon 30.Sooo sweet la your husband bila dia buat surprise LV Watercolor Papillon 30 tu.My favs are Chanel East West Lambskin,Large Classic Woven Bottega Veneta coz i love slouchy bag too, Gucci Horsebit Hobo and LV Palermo PM.

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