Friday, August 22, 2008

Mrs Safwan's Latest Additions

Here's my latest addition in no particular order.

1. Coach Leigh Leather Pocket Flap & LV Epi Lockit

2. Latest catch : LV Neverfull MM

3. Anak tiri : Coach Heritage Stripe Tote

That's all.

~bag.aholics~: Kita suka la Coach Leigh Leather Pocket Flaptu.Ala-ala vintage skit.Wahhh..Rembat sampai dua LV! :-)


farah said...


i know its a very old post but i hope that u answer

i alsp have that denim fendi chef bag...but im not sure its authentic cuz it was a present from a person who usually gets authentic it authentic? bcuz they say if the logo is plastic like this then its a replica..plzzzzz reply

reena said...

farah: Hi farah. hmm..i'm not sure about this. Maybe u boleh bawak the bag to Fendi boutique or any boutiqur yang jual pre loved designer handbags? Maybe they can help u?