Friday, July 17, 2009

From Jay's News Room! 13072009 (part 2)

Hello Ladies and Gents..

Apart from the Coach sale news, here's the update on the new collection in store.

There's the new colour added to the Madison Collection, the Op Art Green/ Grey and Leather Ginger.
There's also the new Maggie Collection that comes in Curry, Grey, Brown and patent Graphite.

And here's the most talk about collection, the Poppy range.
It is actually the cheapest of all. These bags retailed below RM1300.
I believe Coach made this collection for the younger group (and young-at-heart too I must say! haha )

Oppss.. sorry coz I forgot to take pictures of the new fabulous Clover and Gramercy Collections..

Oh well, now you have a valid reason to go visit the Coach Boutique, don't you think so? hehe.. :P

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